Zero Hold UP Filter Press

The leading Zero Hold UP Filter Press and Sparkler Filter Press Manufacturers and Suppliers in India

Aryan Engineers is the leading Zero Hold Up Filter Press manufacturer and supplier in India. It is a unique product suitable for the specific requirements of our clients. A horizontal plate type filter is used to filter products in various industries. The product to be filtered is fed in it, and it goes through the filter plates installed inside. The sparkler reverse horizontal plate filter comes with peripheral holes for the products to go in, and the filtered product comes out from the outlet placed at the bottom. The impurities are retained inside.
In a horizontal plate type filter press, a well-constructed pump is in place to send the product to be filtered, and it goes through the filter places so that they come out shredding all impurities within the stipulated time. You can choose various combinations in your sparkler filter press so that the cleaning process is carried out as per the required limit.

Top Features of a Sparkler Type Filter Press

As a renewed group of sparkler filter manufacturer, Aryan Engineers have included a lot of special features in our products. These features in our product make them highly favourites of all our clients. Sparkler type filter is an enclosed device; hence there is no chance of evaporation, oxidation and leakage of the products to be filtered. Quality filtration is another unique feature of our sparkler type filter press. According to the requirement, you can adjust the volume of filtration. All these features make our filter press an essential component in any manufacturing and production units.

The Aryan’s Reverse Flow Model filter press is designed for polishing and for security filtration of liquids with limited solid contents. Design features include: Maximum cake stability, Ability for intermittent operation, Complete recovery of product, No unfiltered hold-over, and Perfect sealing of filter media by tie rod compression at center and periphery of all filter plates. Complying cGMP norms, Modular structure, Top Dom construction for easy removal of cartridge assembly. It is compatible with any kind of filter media and all types of filter aids. Even distribution of cake assuring economical operation and uniform clarity. All Horizontal Filter Press Vessels can be supplied with a heating or cooling jacket. Available size are 8”, 14′, 18”, 24”. They consist of Type 316 / 304 stainless steel.

  • The filter vessel only comes in contact with filtered product leaving the tank clean
  • Internal filter plate cartridge assembly fully contains cake
  • Complete recovery of product by chasing or gas blow down
  • Cartridge parts can be assembled in a take-apart fashion so that it can be used in a sanitary service